Sunday, 8 July 2012

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

A Truly Beautiful Sight

This stunning garden was the worthy Gold Medal Winner and    Best In Show Garden     at this years Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012 and so deserved a post all to itself.

"Bridge Over Troubled Waters"
Gold Medal Winner
Best In Show Garden
Sponsored by Astellas Pharma Limited
Build by Neale Richards Limited
Designed by Anoushka Fieler (Bestique)

This garden was designed to bring the condition of overactive bladder to the attention of the public!

Apparently this condition effects millions of people in the UK and Astellas Pharma wanted to publicise this with this ingeniusly designed space, which takes the viewer on a journey representing the condition and eventually the help available to alleviate the problem. The beautifully planted bridge symbolises the calming pathway to eventual freedom and relief. The whirlpool feature, which errups unexpectedly throughout the pool symbolises the unexpected need to empty the bladder!

Whirlpool features

For me it was just a stunning garden and the symbolism was totally lost on me until I really read the programme carefully - then I realised just how very clever it all was - as well as truly beautiful and well executed.

To read more about the garden and to see some excellent photos do go  here ...

And to remind you where this beautiful evocative title came from do go here ...


  1. Looks lovely, but I wouldn't have guessed the connection!

  2. I was loving it until the 'bladder' reference!!

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  4. This is beautiful! Thanks for taking us along, Annabelle. :-)

  5. I have se al your picture's of the garden show and there er beautiful!!!!

  6. Hi Annabelle ,
    You certainly get about thank you for sharing this with us.
    Lovely design.

  7. Hmm, running water always makes me need to pee lol

  8. Beautiful garden, I always enjoy some water display.

  9. oh i love it - so soothing and the water is quite hypnotic to look at even in the pictures! thanks for dropping by the blog btw hugs! x


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