Saturday, 7 July 2012

Hampton Court Flower Show 2012 - Part 2

Gardens Of Desire

There were so many wonderful sights at the 2012  RHS Hampton Court Flower Show  that I felt it important to give you all a little glimpse of some of the other things that caught my eye. Here are a few more photo's of the gardens and exhibitions and stands. So sit back and enjoy the views ...

"This Is Me"
Bronze Medal Winner
Built By Simon Flory Works
On Behalf of West Berkshire Dyslexia Association
Designed By James Callicott

"The Essential Indulgence"
Silver Gilt Medal Winner
Van Arnhem Nursery Limited
Designed By Raine Clarke Wills And Chris Holland

"Coastal Drift"
Gold Medal Winner
Wyevale East Nurseries
Student Design And Build 2011
Designed By Susan Willmott and Adele Ford

"Preserving The Community"
Silver Medal Winner
Built By Pretty Nostalgic Limited
Designed By Anthea Guthrie And Nicola Burnett

I so want this to be my village shop!
Perhaps outside my own house?

This wonderful nostalgic village shop really caught my eye. It was conceived and  built to give life to a local community and as a meeting and working space. Garden fruits and vegetables are sold and some turned into jams and chutneys by, and for, the local community. What a wonderful idea - I want one right here!

"Our First Home Our First Garden"
Gold Medal Winner
Landform Consultants Ltd
Designed By Nilufer Danis
Detail Of "Our First Home Our First Garden".
"Falling Leaves"
Gold Medal Winner
Built by Plumpton College
Designed By Elizabeth Seymour

"The Wheels Of Time"
Bronze Medal Winner
Built By Southend Youth Offending Service
Designed By Tony Wagstaff and The Youth Offending Team

"A Corner Of The World"
Silver Medal Winner
Built By Field Work Rest And Play
Designed By Nick Buss And Clare Olof
This garden was a stunning sight
So calming and special

Isn't it just gorgeous?

I particularly liked the garden called "A Corner Of The World" designed by Clare Olof and Nick Buss. (They can be contacted at  and ) This lovely garden won a Silver Medal.

It was designed as a sensory room with colour therapy for the needs of autistic children. The space was calm and peaceful and so imaginative with tubes of bubbling liquid dancing throughout the space and reflecting the suble planting. There were areas of visual stimulus and also intense  smells to arouse the interest of the child.  Some wonderful willow wicker work by Judith Needham provided a comfy zone with colourful cushions on which to rest and play. I so loved this garden. Do take a look at more expert photos on the RHS website  here ...

What fun it all was!


  1. All looks so good and can't believe how you managed to go and have blue skies!

  2. Wow! What lovely gardens! The charming 'Preserving the Community' and the tranquil 'A Corner of the World' take the cake for me. Thanks for the beautiful garden tour, Annabelle. :-)

  3. thank you so much... a wonderful show xx

  4. Oooh, very nice, and I do believe I can see sun too, lucky you!

  5. Thanks so much for the virtual tour. I still think yesterday's garden was my favourite, although idid like Costal drift and falling leaves

  6. I stumbled across your blog through a google search. I'm very pleased you enjoyed my garden and thank you for putting it on your website.
    - Clare Olof


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