Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Multi Pocket Bag

Keyka Lou Pattern
Multi Pocket Bag

I was given a pattern for a  Keyka Lou  multi pocket bag (thank you K. x), which looked fairly easy. I thought it would only take an hour and be ready for a friend's birthday tomorrow. How wrong can you be? The pattern is called "Lots Of Pockets Tote" and can be found at Michelle Patterns. It sure has lots of pockets - each as fiddly as the last!

The pattern and fabrics

After finding some pretty fabrics from my stash I settled on these lovely Japanese prints by Echino. 

This is to be the lining/pockets/flap

The materials needed were -

3/4 yard exterior fabric
3/4 yard lining fabric
1 yard fuseable interfacing
Magnetic snap or button

Trying to make sense of the pieces!

I then had to cut twenty one fiddly pieces and try and make sense of them all, which could have been much easier if I had carefully chosen the fabrics and not used some of the lining fabric for the pockets and tab and handles. A thinner, more distinct lining fabric would also have worked much better. I also had no fuseable stiffener and choose a rather thick wadding, which made for difficulties when sewing the bag together. I also had no magnetic catch so decided to use a button and a buttonhole. After the second attempt at a buttonhole and a second waste of pretty fabric (I am really rubbish at buttonholes even with my friend Janome!) I decided to use a snap closure instead and put a pretty button on the outside. Ah! well -  I shall know next time.

The cut fabric

The first pocket went well

The second pocket also went well

The lining fabric looked great

After a bit of a struggle it began to look like a bag

Now for the mammoth sew

Beginning to go together
Do you like the button?

Working on the pockets in the colourful interior

An almost finished bag - needs some tidying up and the button/clasp sewn on

Pansy from The Button Lady

I must just give you a closer glimpse of the button. Isn't it cute? It came from  The Button Lady whose amazing buttons I just cannot resist.


  1. Wow that looks like such a lot of work but you did a beautiful job...I love the fabrics

  2. That is an awesome bag - well done you xxx

  3. Well done, it looks fab! Bags are never quick makes though, so many pieces to cut and fuse even before sewing...

  4. Well done for sticking with it, it's a lovely bag

  5. I love your snazzy bag, Annabelle! I could never make something like that ... I will try pillowcases this winter (when gardening season is over). The Japanese prints are so pretty. Vera Bradley bags are popular here, and they have a similar look, but your bag is much prettier, and is more detailed. Love that button too.
    All the best! :-)

  6. love the bag and the fabrics are lovely well done :))


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