Monday, 30 July 2012

Dazzling Weekend

Olympic Weekend

First The Extravaganza ...

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Sadly we were unable to get tickets for the opening ceremony and like many thousands we watched it on TV. I appear to be in a minority when I say I was not wowed by it. However, I did really enjoy the two local cycling events and hope to see the two remaining road time trials this week. They will take place again around my village and we shall be having a picnic on the village green while they whizz by. We also have some tickets for the fencing, which promises to be interesting.

And Then The Cycling ...

Local map with route
We live right in the middle

Local map with route
We live in the orange section

We live right in the middle of the Olympic cycle routes and so the last two days have been rather exciting (particularly if you like bikes). We have hosted both the mens and womens road races and over the next two days we shall again be marooned in our village while the time trials take place on the roads surrounding us. The only way out of the village will be by train.

Our family have a great interest in cycling, and in fact my son owns two local bike shops. You can read all about them and see them here... 


Surbiton High Street

Thames Ditton Marina


Unfortunately the weekend was extremely wet but even that did not deter the many thousand lining the streets to see the amazing Olympic cyclists.

Sadly it was a very wet weekend!

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  1. Yay, enjoy the cycling! I didn't watch the opening ceremony, but then I never really do, I'd rather watch the sports! And I get to do it live on Friday, as I'll be at Eton Dorney, hopefully cheering on local girl Kath Grainger to a first Olympic win :o)


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