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The Craft Of Writing

We Are All Writers Now!

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I get thoroughly p***ed off with the type of 'blog' favoured by the 'up and coming/down and out' 'writer'. Perhaps you have all seen them? They come without any links to other blogs, or any method of communication and are merely a spewing of thought on anything from smartphones to falling flat on ones face. The blogger, (or person who purports to be/calls themselves a 'writer' or 'poet'), has no interest in other bloggers ideas and inspirations yet feel that we, the public, will be delighted to read the infantile drivel they spout about the state of the universe and all that. I find them nauseating and generally without any hint of merit whatsoever. With twitter, facebook, instagrams, youtube, facetime, pinterest, blogs, tumblr, flickr, and self publishing, etc., to add to their own sense of self importance, these people generally make such fools of themselves - will they ever learn anything or are they just interested in their own voices? They are giving so little to society and missing so much in life  by being so introspective and full of their own self importance. Do they not realize that we are all writers now?

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However, I do so love the interactive blogging community. It has taught me new sewing crafts and skills, some easy ways with cooking, knitting and crochet, how to share and respond with warmth, and a myriad of other subjects I would never in a million years have ever thought of. It has also taught me that sharing skills and learning and love with others is a wonderful way to live a selfless life. My days have been enhanced by book and music choices suggested by others and bloggers have also taught me new ways of looking at the world and understanding the plight of others and the joys and depressions of living in a complex world: I think it has helped me be a better and kinder and more compassionate human being. It has also brought me many virtual friends who have helped me through difficult days.

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This last year I learned how to felt, make jewellery, how to improve my knitting, weaving, some inspirational colour co-ordination in crochet, (thank you Lucy), how a bear is made, (thank you Katy), all about the beauty of day lilies, (thanks to Beth), and a lot about the plight of children in South Africa, (thanks to Lindsey). 

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The lovely Diane has introduced me to Alfie Boe (wow!), and Mary to samplers, and the wonderful Benta to the difficulties of monogramming (he he!), and all about quirky boots. Hadley has inspired me with her prolific output of just about everything - and I have so enjoyed seeing her little ones grow. Judith has wowed me with her fabric choices, and Annabellelouise has taught me how to make pickles and nice stockings and cakes, (thank you), and Angie has made me so jealous of her sewing skills and her classes.

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Leila has taught me that I shall never be a seamstress, and Em to be colourful in all that I do. Plums quilts have left me inspired, and Sweetypie how to be unafraid of embroidery. Peter has shown me that I never, ever want to visit the Falklands despite his wonderful photography, and other bloggers, too numerous to mention, that Blogland is a great place to be. The photos and tutorials have kept me glued to the screen and the writings of many bloggers has been truly awesome.

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What all these lovely bloggers have in common is the fact that they all write and generously share their knowledge and experiences - there is no 'me, me, me' involved,  just good old fashioned kind communication, help, tutorials and inspiration. Each of them, in their own way, are 'writers' although none would ever be self important enough to ever dream of calling themselves so. So at the end of another year here is a  big ...
 'thank you'

... to all you wonderful inspirational bloggers out there who so generously share their skills and words, knowledge, photos, music, book choices, tutorials and two way communications.

For all my 'writer' friends!
Thank you. xx

We Are All Writers Now!

Happy New Year To You All


  1. Oh! how I agree with you. I also have learnt so much through the blogging community. Bloggers are very generous and the world is a much better place for them.

  2. Oh damn, there goes all my Pulitzer Prize winning dreams... *sigh* ;o)

  3. you are very welcome xx sharing is all part of this wonderful community x ans Alfie is SOOOOOOOOOO woth sharing xx He-He xx

  4. Oh and thank you!!! Yours was one of the first blogs I ever read, you were one of the first bloggers I actually 'chatted to' and after 2 1/2 years, I am proud to be your friend, and love popping in to read about your trials, tribulations and travels xxx

  5. Aw, your post made me smile, Annabelle. How thoughtful and sweet. I am honored to be mentioned. I'm so glad we became blogging friends this year. I've enjoyed reading your posts, and tagging along with you this year. Also, thanks for all of your help when I began blogging. Without your encouragement and advice, I'm not sure I would have persevered. My big thank you goes to you my friend. xx

  6. What a lovely round up of your bloggy friends! And we all love you ad your blog too! X x x


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