Saturday, 15 December 2012

Few Little Scraps

Some Scrappy Stuff


I enjoy decorating small items as it personalises them with very little effort and with just a few scraps, beads and buttons. I am particularly fond of scrappy edged applique, (because I am lazy), as it adds a certain old fashioned charm to things. I often use it on simple jelly roll quilts. The simple blue boys quilt needed the fish to liven it up - I added twelve in all, and the pale pink quilt also looked dull without the twelve scrappy flowers, and lots of beads and ribbons. The batik picnic blanket had only the one flower and that was probably too much as the background colours alone were already rather bright!

The four seasons panel is another attempt inspired by an item in Material Obsessions - by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. This time I have introduced similar styles and colours as the last one yet with a patchwork strip background in seasonal colours. Again I have added buttons and beads and a strip of shiny silver fabric to depict ice in the 'winter' panel. I think they probably look too busy so will revert to a plain or lightly patterned background for further works.

Another seasons panel

Scrappy flowers on child's quilt

Decoration on batik lap quilt
(The white is the bed cover!)

Scrappy fish on child's blue quilt

Another scrappy fish on child's  blue quilt

Beaded flower appliqued on child's  pink quilt


If you like anything you see do leave me a message to let me know.