Monday, 10 December 2012

These Boots Were Made For Walking


Via google

I found some cute little pairs of Mary Janes bootees on google and sadly could not find the simple patterns to go with them. So (winging it) I came up with this similar copy. I thought they may stay on longer with the cross tabs - they fit the old teddy so maybe will fit one of the three new babies in the family.  I so love knitting these tiny things as they can be finished in an hour or two. They are not so very imaginative, I know, but hey I am back to crafting!

booties FO
Via google

I adore these wonderful 'fairisle' wools as they make even the most basic and mundane item into something a little different, and bootees take only a few oddments of wool and a little time.

Cute bootees



  1. They are very cute - no small feet around here though!

  2. How dinky. I still have my older son's first shoes and I love it when I come across them.

  3. Cute idea with the variegated wool


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