Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ugly Fat Quarters Giveaway


A well meaning friend has just passed on to me some ugly fat quarters that she found in a charity shop. There were two of each of the following ... upon seeing them I realised just why they were there!

Perhaps my friend does not like me!

So there are eight fat quarters of some fairly ugly fabrics up for grabs. (I will not be surprised to get little or no response to this particular post!)

I was thinking about dreadful gifts that I have received in the past and wonder just what awful gifts have you been given?

My most memorable (and disappointing) gift was given to me by my first husband when I had just passed my driving test. I adored 2CV Citroen Dyanes and always felt in my hippie days that I should be driving around in one ... an orange one! 

Isn't it cute?

So ... he bought an old and decrepid grey one and unbeknown to me hand-painted it a bright and gorgeous orange and parked it right outside our house ... I was delighted and rushed out into the street and opened the drivers door - which promptly fell off into the road.

The car was undriveable, dangerous and rusty as hell and was immediately sent off to a friend whose parents owned a farm - where it became a chicken coop! I was desolate.

Now just what was your worst present?

Please give us all a laugh and earn yourself some ugly fat quarters by leaving the tale in my message box. We shall laugh at your responses until Sunday 12th and then you too could be the unlucky one to receive yet another ugly gift.


  1. When I was 20, and back then a size 10, my Grandma gave be a bundle of knickers for Christmas, all nylon and lace, and size 20!! I think they all got thrown on stage at various concerts during the rest of the Uni year!

  2. My first husband gave me a scale for Christmas two weeks after I had our first child!

  3. the complete works of shakespear from my ex husband ,for christmas the first year we were together .
    i took control after that and bought my own :))))

  4. My M-I-L gave me a knitted leopard skin jumper which was at least 2 sizes too small one Christmas! I was 6 months pregnant at the time!

  5. Pior momento foi ter participado de um amigo-secreto e ganhar uma blusa pp rosa(eu uso m e odeio vestir rosa)o "amigo" sabia disso.Agradeci e morrendo de raiva fiz cara de paisagem o resto do tempo da brincadeira.Obrigada.

  6. Hiya, I've been away from blog reading for a hole, but have just spent a lovely time catching up with your posts.
    Bags - its lovely, I didn't see it as snails, but as flowers behind stalks!
    Beads - yummy shop!
    Bikes - maybe frustrating, but what a buzz to be so close to the action!
    Bone China - great ideas for cups and saucers, I've seen a wall clock using them as the hour indicators too
    Giveaway - (coukdnt think of a B word!) from the photo I think I like the fabrics! They'd make a colourful charity quilt?

  7. Just in case anyone was wondering just what Tublinha said it was as follows.
    She participated in a 'friend swap' and was asked what colours she prefered - she said any but HATED pink. Her swap duly arrived in shocking pink and she was mortified after all the work she had put in on her swap.

  8. thanks for sharing.


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