Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pea Hummous

Quick Homemade Pea Hummous

This has to be one of the quickest and easiest dips to make and all the ingredients are things usually found in the fridge or larder. I use minted peas, which gives a slightly more interesting flavour than the plain variety and serve it with vegetable sticks (carrot, celery, pepper, cucumber and radish). I also use crunchy peanut butter instead of tahini as I prefer the slightly crunchy texture instead of a smooth dip.


Olive oil
1 finely chopped onion
2 cups frozen peas
2 tablespoons peanut butter or tahini
2 tablespoon plain greek yogurt or sour cream
Salt and pepper to taste

Chopped onion, peas and olive oil
Yogurt and crunchy peanut butter


Fry the finely chopped onion in the olive oil until translucent but not brown.
Cook the frozen peas for two minutes in the microwave then drain.
Add the onion, peas, peanut butter (or tahini), the Greek yogurt (or sour cream) to a blender.
Blitz until thick and creamy and season to taste - (I like mine rather course).
Chill well.

Use a blender to blitz the mixture

All ingredients added

Blitz until required texture

Makes one large tub - chill before use
Keeps in frigde for several days

My healthy lunch today

Serve with vegetable sticks for a healthy snack, or crisps for a less healthy but quicker alternative.


Stitched Cuff Swap Reminder

I want to give another little plug to Kirsty at  who is running a swap for a very easy to make stitched cuff swap. She has had very little response, which is sad when she is trying to get the sewing community together. Do take a look and sign up for this ever-so-simple swap.

JCasa Homemade

There are masses of inspirational ideas around the web including a  PDF at JCasa Homemade.

A Second Reminder For Ugly Fat Quarter Giveaway

As expected I have had few entries to this  Giveaway  although lots of people appear to have read the post! Come on ...  be brave and tell us a tale .


  1. Oooh, that looks rather yummy, I may make that for my lunches next week :o)

  2. I'm going to try that delicious looking recipe, Annabelle! That's just my type! Thanks for sharing.

  3. great little recipe - we love hummous in all varieties! :)


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