Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Banana Ice Cream

Yes! We Have Some Bananas!

What is it with bananas? They go from this ...

Slightly green bananas

To this ...

Ready to eat bananas

To this ...

Only fit for the compost bananas

In the blink of an eye!

I love them when they are firm and yellow without a trace of a blotch on their skins - luckily Mr Whizz Kid prefers them a little riper ... but not too ripe. So I buy some green ones hoping that they will still be edible tomorrow ... and some firm ripe ones that we can eat today. Sadly if not eaten today then they are out in the compost tomorrow. Now Mr Whizz Kid also likes ice cream - far too much ice cream - so I have devised a cunning plan to keep him in wholesome ice cream and the compost empty of smelly bananas.

Banana Ice Cream

All you need are ripe bananas (not too ripe), a knife, a plastic container, and a small freezer space.
Chop the bananas into chunks, place in the box and put it in the freezer. Forget it for a few hours and then a quick whizz in the food processor and you have perfect wholesome banana ice cream. For a bit of extra flavour add some soft fruit or some hard nuts. This one has pecan nuts and a dash of maple syrup - very healthy.

All you need

Tiny space in the freezer
Wholesome pecan nuts
Lovely maple syrup

A quick whizz in the food processor and ...

Banana, maple syrup and pecan nut ice cream

Yes it really is that easy .... three bananas makes enough ice cream for two.

Banana Muffins

My other stand by for too ripe to eat bananas are banana muffins. Even I can make muffins! (I am useless at cakes). Just mash some bananas, add two eggs, a big splat of butter, a little sugar and some self-raising flour and a little raising agent. Do not be tempted to mix too well - a rather lumpy texture produces better muffins. (I never measure the ingredients as they are such a simple thing to make - the texture can be improved by adding more flour if too wet, and some milk if too dry. The mix should be thick and fairly 'ploppy' - I'm sure you know what I mean - although Jamie Oliver probably does not use this word). Pop in muffin cases and  sprinkle a little sugar on the top. Bake for around fifteen minutes until a sharp implement (knife, knitting needle - whatever is at hand) comes out clean. Yummy.

No pics as they are all eaten the moment they come out of the oven!


  1. I've never been a fan of bananas, though I buy them for DH, so we're always ending up with over -ripe fruit. Banana ice cream sounds like a great way of using them up.

  2. I need to go and buy ome bananas! I stopped because so many were being thrown away, what a great was to use them though!

  3. Both recipes sound delicious. I will try to rotate these with my old standby, banana nut bread. I like my bananas without splotches, and not too ripe as well. Thanks for sharing.


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