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Bags Of Bags

Which Bag  Do You Use The Most?

I have a friend who is addicted to handbags (Hello S. x)

Via Reiss

She has an enormous collection of them and is always wanting to add to the stock pile. I myself  have very few handbags and have never been particularly interested in them, however, when doing a recent stock-take (oh ... alright then ... tidying my cupboard - at which point I threw eight away!)  I found I had a few more than I realised but sadly never the right one for the right occasion.

It got me to thinking about just what is the right one?

I have a very expensive Mulberry Alexa Bag (thank you Mr Whizz Kid for the mid-life crisis guilt gift). This only comes out for special occasions and never makes an appearance when food and drink are around. It is rather heavy but very beautiful and much admired.

Mulberry Alexa Bag in midnight blue calf

I have an inexpensive but very useful Cath Kidston Bag which sadly was designed with no zip at the top and consequently is not suitable for wandering the streets of London where every other person is a potential mugger. I use this locally and on family visits where the company is known and more trustworthy. It is covered in a lovely plasticised material and is perfect for occasions when a baby might vomit on it, food and wine might be spilled on/in it and for carrying the odd sandwich and drink from Pret a Manger to my destination. Thanks Cath Kidston - a lovely bag - but this design needs a zip.

Cath Kidston Bag in charcoal rose

A little Chanel bag with a gold chain goes perfectly when all I need to carry is my American Express Card (I do not actually have one!) and I need to feel smart and have both hands free for cocktails and canapes - not a too frequent event in my life sadly. My glasses do not fit in it - meaning the drinks and food could be anything at all and I just would have no idea!

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

An enormous purple, soft leather bag, Le Duo Sac from Gallerie Lafayette in Paris won my heart as it had a smaller neat and matching clutch bag inside and I thought this would be wonderful for travelling back and forth to France, where the small bag could be used in the evening and the large bag carry just enough for a weekend trip. Since I have been unwell and not wanting to go to France quite so frequently the large bag has been unused and the smaller matching bag has been so well used it is now worn out and scruffy and destined for a local charity shop.

Le Duo Sac by Gallerie Lafayette

Coccinelle  Hobos Bag is wonderful as it sits under my arm (no one could wrestle that away from me) and is made of the softest Italian leather. I am so enjoying this bag and love that not only does my purse and glasses fit inside it but I can also get my camera and phone inside too and then zip it all safely away. I also appreciate the hands free element of this type of bag and it is so beautifully made with soft leather and has a stunning tartan silk lining - it is beautiful both inside and out and was an excellent buy.

Coccinelle Hobos Bag

One or two other non-descript items are still lurking in the cupboard, a Harrods Silver Beach Bag,  a bright green Betty Jackson Black Small Cross Body/Shoulder Bag perfect for walks, a very expensive mistake bought for a wedding: a Marc Jacobs Black Leather Shoulder Bag with a far too long strap, an old Patent Clutch Bag from Dior which goes wonderfully with smart shoes for weddings,  a small North Face Rucksac for visits to Borough Market (to carry the food goodies home), a beautiful silk embroidered evening bag bought locally from The Stitchery (never had an occasion to use it but it is beautiful to look at), a fake Chloe Paddington Bag foolishly bought from Ebay ... but none of the above is perfect for everyday use. Then of course there are all the totes and home-sewn bags,  and cheap M & S Bags and Gap Bags, which are rarely used.

Chloe Paddington Bag

Old Dior patent clutch

Betty Jackson Black green leather cross body bag

A beautiful embroidered evening bag from The Stitchery

Marc Jacobs shoulder bag

I got to thinking about what type of bag was really useful ... a bag to take money, a camera, glasses, a phone, car keys, and big enough to stuff a light scarf or a cardi inside, stashable, washable and wearable enough to go out to  Harrods or Waitrose, non precious enough to put chocolate and a bottle of water inside, something to fit over the shoulder for hands free shopping, a bag with a secure zip ... ah! ... a Longchamps shopper!

Longchamps Pliage Shopper in navy

Ladies all over France carry this brand and they all look so smart and elegant and the bag is so very sensible for all of the above reasons - and additionally they do not provide carrier bags in France and so people can be seen stuffing their lunches into the bag at the supermarket and it really does not matter. They come in three different sizes and can be used on all occasions (well perhaps not at toooo smart an occasion) and are lightweight,  inexpensive and very classy. This is mine  ... and I love it! Do you have a favourite bag?

Katie Holmes with Longchamps
Pippa Middleton with Longchamps
Alexa Chung with Longchamps
Alexandra Burke with Longchamps
Jodie Foster with Longchamps

See - all the celebrities use them!

And now for a little fantasy!

Alexander McQueen Embroidered Unicorn and Skull Clutch
Alexander McQueen Bag
Via PurseBlog
This is so very, very beautiful and magical and amazing
Just a dream!

Now tell me about your bags.


  1. I'm not sure which is worse a shoe fetish or a bag fetish lol

  2. The bag I take everywhere is a retro style messenger bag from 70sUP. 4 zips and very secure.
    Now similar ones on amazon...... But mine has a cute deer design!

  3. I LOVE bags and certainly have a 'bag problem' :)

  4. I'm not much of a bag lady, but I do ave a weakness for Kipling bags, and think I have to confess to 8 of them! And I am rubbish at chucking out bags I've bought / made / been given that I don't use!

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  6. Hi Annabelle,

    Ooooh, I aDoRe handbags too (a Coach girl, myself)! I love the bag you received as a gift from Mr. Whizz Kid as well as the Coccinelle, and the hand stitched evening bag from The Stitchery.

    Loved your post! :-)

  7. Wow,What a nice designs.I like Alexander McQueen Bag design.This looks different and more attractive than the others.


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