Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Giveaway Result


Ugly Fat Quarter Giveaway - Result

No - I really did not forget. My 'Giveaway' was fairly disasterous as so very many of you looked, read, and decided the fabric was just toooooo awful to contemplate and did not respond. I had only eight responses - one in Portuguese and one from me with a translation - and one from 'Anonymous' - they really did not want the fabric did they!

Elephants never forget

So after a little discussion with Mr Whizz Kid we have decided the following - you are all far too polite or shy to tell us your tales of woe ... consequently from just a few responses (although hundreds of you seem to have viewed the post) ... the one that made us laugh the longest was ...

Ta Da!!!

'The Complete Works Of Shakespeare' from  Linda at Lawsons Place.  Poor Linda - I do hope that hubby has bucked up his ideas since then! What a first anniversary present!  Please send me privately your email address Linda and these ghastly fat quarters will be in the post to you asap. x

Very ugly fat quarters giveaway

I also really enjoyed the 'knickers' tale from  Flying Blind  - I think I am still wearing those knickers Hadley (I bought some huge ones after my op so as not to touch my scaring and am still wearing them - although they have been washed so much they are now back to a size 14!) They are still ugly granny knickers though!

I also must mention in this post how my Mother In Law - (Number 1) was a very keen knitter and used to buy job lots of anything cheap and cheerful. How well I remember how she kindly knitted me and the (then) three children some wonderful ski outfits in thick red wool before our ski trip one year to Italy - sadly no one wore them and they provided acres of mirth for years to come.


  1. Congratulations (or commiserations) to Linda!!!

  2. I just can't think why we didn't all rush in to comment ;o) Congrats Linda :oD

  3. thanks every one ,i have started a vomit quilt at the suggestion of Katy, above :)))) so they will come in fine for that !!! as to said husband i divorced him after 10 years and let him keep the book :))))
    http://www.flickr.com/photos/imagingermonkey/5567153623/ this is the vomit


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