Friday, 8 October 2010

Sharing Stitches By Chrissy Grace

I came across this fascinating project by the artist Chrissy Grace and thought what a wonderful idea it was ... unfortunately the lovely book with the description and explanation is not available until the end of November ... what a lovely Christmas present for someone though ... (hint, hint, Mr Whizz Kid!)

Sharing Stitches By Chrissie Grace
The book can be pre-ordered here ...


Join Chrissie Grace and 15 talented artists as they exchange fabrics, collaborate on an art quilt and swap plenty of inspiration on the pages of Sharing Stitches. Stitch by stitch, Chrissie shows you how to create colorful and eclectic projects as unique as the group that sews them, including a patchwork pullover, a lace-embellished headband, a large-scale collaborative quilt and a round robin journal.
Inside Sharing Stitches, you'll find:

  • 22 step-by-step projects designed specifically for swaps and collaborations

  • Tips on swapping fabric, as well as hosting and participating in smoothly run collaborations

  • Projects and gallery pieces from your favorite artists, including Claudine Hellmuth, Liz Lamoreux, Ruth Rae and more!

  • Break out your sewing machine, round up your friends and start sewing!

    The lovely work by the artist Chrissy Grace can be found on Etsy and she also has produced two other books, which are well worth a look ...

    Wild Tiles By Chrissie Grace
    Tiles Gone Wild By Chrissie Grace

    Both are very inspirational and beautifully artistic yet concentrate primarily on mosaic designs.

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    1. Wow, I'm blushing!
      Thanks for the wonderful blog post.
      Sharing Stitches is going to be a wonderful book. I am joined with some AMAZING artists in this book, and it is beautiful.:)
      Have a wonderful day.
      Chrissie Grace


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