Thursday, 21 October 2010


I'm In Love With Bicycles! 

Natalie Goncharo - The Cyclist

Bikes are an important part of my life at present as one son has recently opened a new bicycle shop called Surbiton Cycles.   We have spent years as a family interested in bikes and cycling and all of a sudden they are the 'next big thing' in London with the new  'London Cycle Schemes'  and  'Hire Bikes'  throughout the central London area.

Mayor Of London With New Hire Bikes

How about where you are?  Do you have a bike?  Here are some of my favourites pics of bikes  ...

Bicycle Art
Wonderful Kids Bikes
And Lets Not Forget These!

Design Your Own Bikes
Rickshaw India
Heavy Load Bicycles In China
Messenger Bike
Slingshot Bike
More My Style Bike!

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  1. have you ever seen the lovely french animation Belleville rendevous? if you like bikes - you will love it. completely beautiful animation too. x


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