Sunday, 10 October 2010

Patchwork Bird

Tree Decoration

This week I have been making hanging birds for the Christmas tree (yes ... I really am trying to organize things early this year). This is the pattern I have been using ...

Cut One From First Fabric On The Fold
Cut One From Second Fabric

To make.
Copy and cut out pattern, place pattern on fold of fabric. The overall length is approximately eight inches but could be anything you wish.  Second fabric piece overall length is approximately six inches - or three quarters of the first measurement. I used quarter inch seams all around. Sew together between dotted lines until 'stops' Sew head together, and leave tail end open to stuff with wadding then after stuffing close with hand sewing. Use buttons or beads for eyes and attach a ribbon to hang. Very simple ten minute project.

Patchwork Bird

Easy Tree Decoration

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