Sunday, 3 October 2010

Simple Dinner Party For Friends

A really simple yet lovely dinner party ... lets start with the flowers for the table shall we ... and maybe a Pimms?

Perfect Pimms

Simple Autumn Blooms

Courgette And Feta Starter
Salmon And Tomato Main Course
Make Summer Pudding
Cook Berries
Pop Them Together
Watch The Juices Sink Into The Bread
Pop A Weight On Top

Delicious Dessert
After two hours in the fridge, turn out and voila .... a lovely summer pudding for dessert.
And then ... a plate of lovely farmer's market home made soft cheese served with walnuts and grapes  ...


Lovely Coffee

More Simple Autumn Blooms
A lovely time was had by all!



  1. oh yum, this looks delicious. I often cook salmon when we have friends for a meal, I particularly like a recipe I got from a Jamie Oliver cookbook years ago and still use regularly. I'm hopeless at puddings, but your summer pudding looks great.

  2. I believe that my invite was obviously lost in the post! All looked wonderful.

  3. you have made me hungry! lucky people who got to eat your lovely food. x


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