Saturday, 9 October 2010

El Dia De Los Muertos

El Dia De Los Muertos

Mexican Pop Art

 I found some wonderful fabric at Fancy Moon, which commemorates the Mexican festival of the dead. This holiday takes place in Mexico, (and elsewhere among Mexican communities), over three days from 31st October until 2nd November, which is the actual day of celebrations ... El Dia De Los Muertos - The Day Of The Dead.

Mini Calaveras Red

Los Novios

Mini Calaveras Turquoise

Fiesta De Los Muertos Black

Fiesta De Los Muertos White

Rose Tattoo

Paseo De Los Muertos

Mini Calaveras Black

Whole families visit graveyards and take drinks for the adults and toys for the children and a picnic for themselves and they tidy the graves and reminisce about the life and times of the dead family members. This is a joyous occasion and not the least bit morbid and the festival atmosphere is continued throughout the holiday break with colourful foods and sweets for the children, bright clothing and decorations in the homes.

Papier Mache Skulls

Papier mache skulls are made by the children and sugar skulls are sold throughout Mexico for the children to be given as gifts.

Sugar Skulls

A really charming idea, I think, and with the lovely material that I have bought from Fancy Moon I am busy making my own gifts (for some special little people), which I hope will not scare them too much!!  All this wonderful colourful fabric comes from a range by Alexander Henry.

Patchwork Surprise


  1. Well, how bizarre. I know of the festival, but I've never seen fabric like that before. It's bright and cheerful and yet somehow rather sinister at the same time. Weird.

  2. That patchwork is looking amazing - I love the fabric, the Los Novios is great isn't it? I think my dear old husband may be destined for something like this. Thank you for the background - I can justify my blogging time as educational and not just 'women chatting about pretty stuff'!


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