Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Mini Weaving Kit

Mini Circle Weaving Kit

I was given this little kit - available here  from Etsy last year and have only just got around to using it. It enables a simple woven basket - very tiny - but perfect for earrings and studs on the dressing table.


I have lots of materials left over, (the kit comes supplied with everything needed to make several), so will try again and perhaps not pull the thread so very tightly so that it leaves a looser weave and consequently a deeper and more attractive little bowl.  I particularly like the fact that the instructions are beautifully laid out and it is impossible not to understand them. It is only a mini circle weaving kit but it has so many possibilities. More on this later.



  1. How cute is that? Seems like a great way to make a pincushion if you need one :)

  2. You really do have the weaving bug! Great to have one you can finish while you are working on the big one!

  3. I was a young girl at school when I last tried weaving!
    Yours is lovely.
    Relaxing with a piece of handwork is so good for the soul!


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