Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Do any of you know Yarny?

If, like me, you have a son who is a gamer then this interesting video game character may already be known to you. If not ... read on ...


This game is basically a character made of a ball of wool who travels the world and completes many tasks using the wool to enable him to climb, swing, hang, cover large distances and voids ... all to no avail, (I made that last bit up). My son loves him and consequently persuaded me to use some of my skills to reproduce the character to sit upon one of his many computer screens. This is the doll/creature Yarny that we have both constructed together so far.

We found that pipe cleaners were a good way to cover the voids and ends of the wires to make them safe. I love pipe cleaners - they have so many uses. (I have not seen a pipe for years and years)!

Now I am really stuck. Said son borrowed my glue gun some weeks ago and has not returned it. Until it is back in its rightful home it will be impossible to continue, (the ends need glue fixing to enable the wool not to unravel at the angles and ends of the coat hanger). More of this little creature later!

                            We Love Yarny

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  1. Said son needs his own glue gun for his birthday or Easter or something!!!!


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