Saturday, 12 March 2016

Rug Weaving

My Beginners Rug

I am still working at my small first rug. This week I have tidied all the ends and decided to sew a row of crystal beads along the strip where the pattern did not work. I realize that for a rug with a row of raised beads might be rather unusual or even uncomfortable - but as it may end up as a wall hanging then I am not too bothered by that thought. As I have such a huge selection of crystal beads I may even add more. These are a few updated photos - next more beads, then the fringe needs to be trimmed before the washing and blocking to tighten the weave.

This week I have received some more equipment including some pick-up sticks and a boat shuttle all the way from Ashfords of New Zealand via Fibrehut. These should enable me to try something a little more elaborate (and realistic).

Sadly Fibrehut is out of bobbins and is awaiting a shipment from New Zealand, but as a clever relative has taught me to make my own from rolled up glossy magazine tubes I am not at all concerned! Thank you K.

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  1. More gadgets!!! Got to love gadgets! (Love the gingerbread man tin too, and the rug)


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