Friday, 11 March 2016

More Yarny

Finishing Of Yarny

Well ... yay ... the glue gun has arrived! I can now complete the little gamer's project.

Apparently this is what my son has been doing with it ... yes a total mystery to me ...

After gluing the ends of the arms and legs and tips of the ears the finishing wools can be adhered to the body ... then some huge white eyes and Yarny has arrived!  Youngest son is very pleased even though he burned his finger on hot glue during the process.

If, like me you want to know what the hell this character is all about do look at this and all will be explained ... (apparently it is a harmless game of grandma and her memories).

Now to hide my glue gun!

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  1. Yes, keep this one under lock and key! Yarni is looking fab!


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