Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Day In Southampton

Old Southampton

This old Hampshire town is known as the "cruise capital of Europe" (yes ... really ... much to my surprise). Apparently over four million visitors visit this southern town each year and along with a thriving university it has many things to do and many interesting places to visit. The old town is largely quiet with many of the shops and restaurants moving into the new build shopping arcades, but here in the old town are many historical sites and visitor attractions. Many of the buildings and walls date from Tudor times and the main Bargate is over eight hundred years old. Henry V marched his troops through here when he departed for Agincourt and the Mayflower set sail from the docks to the new world from here in 1620. The Titanic also sadly set sail from the port here in April 1912 and it was this that was of interest to me on this visit - I was off to the Titanic Sea City Museum.

Here are a few photos I took along the way ...


I should love to give you some photos of the Titanic SeaCity Museum display but sadly all cameras were barred. For Southampton in particular the sinking affected over five thousand local households and the exhibition shows you the poignancy of this particular fact. The sights and sounds of The White Star Liners disaster are vividly shown and are depressingly sad when learning of the fate of the many passengers.

I have been rather lapse in my posts on crafts recently - perhaps the hot weather has taken me away from crafting and cooking, (the kitchen is too hot), but tomorrow promises to be wet and cool so I should be able to catch up with some more interesting stuff then ... meanwhile these are some lovely bluebells in my garden this morning.

Have a lovely sunny day!

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  1. I had no idea Southampton was so lovely! I've only been to the ikeas there!!! And I thought you had to go to Belfast to go to a titanic museum! Mums only in Portsmouth so I feel a trip to Southampton with her coming up!!!! Thank you xxx


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