Sunday, 22 May 2016

Broad Bean, Onion, Asparagus Fritters

Perfect Little Snack

Asparagus is wonderful just now and I am always trying new recipes to use it. This one is a variation on a traditional vegetarian snack found online. It only takes a few minutes to produce a tasty snack.


bunch asparagus
cup broad beans - cooked
half onion
cup of flour
pepper and salt
pinch paprika
2 eggs
olive oil


Chop all ingredients finely except for the broad beans then add eggs and beans and mix
Spoon small quantities into the hot oil and fry for ten minutes turning once

Serve hot or cold with a dip, (maybe the avocado one in the previous post?)

This is my cooks treat- just a little taste before I give them to my guests. I am going to use a pretty platter, with its own dip pot, that I bought back from New Zealand, (wrapped carefully in my PJs). It was made by Hector Pottery and bought at the South Street Gallery in Nelson, South Island, where I often find many treasures.

This recipe makes about twelve small fritters
 I served mine with a sweet chili dip.

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