Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Totally Bonkers Cats

Mad Cat Owners

I have a friend who is besotted with cats (Hi S.x). Today while searching  Etsy for an appropriate present for her I found the following weird gifts.  At the chance of upsetting half my followers I have to ask the following question  ...

Are all cat owners totally bonkers?

An outfit to let your cat know they really are the centre of the universe

    Some fun Christmas outfits ...

Carrot Costume - Cat                     Do I look like a carrot?

Lion Costume - Cat (Half Mane)                     Can you see the lion in me?

Cat Pajamas Large Polkadot Fleece Cat Pajamas   Several Colors Available                    I'm off to a pyjama party!

Leopard Hat for Cats                  I really can be very scary!

Mummified Cat with mummified eyeballs & tongue                  And this the weirdest of all - a real mummified cat!

Crochet Hat - Retro Cartoon 3-D Cat Hat in Bright Orange with Ears and Snout for Children - Silly and Chunky Crochet Hat                   A crochet hat.

CRAZY CAT lady t shirt -- american apparel  S M L XL  ( 6 colors )               A t-shirt.

In fact I was amazed to find over two hundred pages of these barmy gifts - think I must look elsewhere for an appropriate prezzie for my friend.

PS.   I do have a rescue cat (a Persian Tortoiseshell called 'Cookie' who is twelve).


  1. I don't think all cat owners are bonkers, though clearly some are, but these manufacturers are definitely bonkers. I wonder how many things they actually sell to serious people, or whether they just sell to people with more money than sense.

  2. I agree with Amanda it is the manufacturers ... who pander , and get money out of ...the few!! Dog sites are just as bad xx does make me laugh though xx

  3. are you home !!! we had a cat called cookie he was a moggie black and white !!
    i cannot imagine any cat i have had liking some of those outfits

  4. Ha...we have a cat but I'm not that bonkers :)

  5. I think you have answered your own question!!


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