Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Video Game Crafts

Geeks Are Us

Have I told you that The Devil Child and Mr Whizz Kid are both computer geeks? My youngest son, in particular, is addicted to video games and is an accomplished gamer and Mr Whizz Kid earns a very good living with his expert computer skills. Me ... I have never played a game and find most of the 'geeky stuff' very boring and never get involved.

Looking for Christmas present inspiration I have been searching the Internet (yes ... this part of computers I really do get) and have found some things that could very well be used to make some Christmas craft gifts for some of our geeky family and friends. I also discovered Lana Del Ray singing 'Video Games' and loved it (posted at the bottom of this post).

Game Fabric
Via Tumblr
Geeky Cushions
Via Pinterest

Bio Shock Stencil
Via Gamervision

Cool Gamer Shoes

Via Tumblr
Game Fabric
Via Tumblr

Geeky Phone Cover
Via Pinterest

Image of Red Ghost Video Game Fabric Covered Bobby Pins
Bobby Pins
Via Big Cartel

Space Ace Video Game Fabric Wall Scroll Poster (16"x21") Inches
Space Ace video poster
Via Amazon

Pac Man  Fabric  Coin Purse-Handmade Vintage Video Game
Pac Man coin purse
Via Etsy

Retro Video Game Key Fob
Video Key Fob
Via Etsy
Pacman Memories
Pac Man Cushion
Via Etsy

Pac Man Hot Pads / Quilted Potholders / Retro Kitchen Decor / Set of 2 / Video Game Fabric / Geek
Pac Man Hot Pads
Via Etsy


  1. Have you searched 'computer geek' on Etsy? You could buy and claim you made a lot of fun stuff!

  2. Lol, well that should keep you busy for a wee while ;o)

    PS, I make my living from breaking software, bwahahahahaha

  3. Ooooh, Pac Man (brings back memories)! Well, I confess, I'm one of those too ... work in the Information Technology field. Also, my son is quite the gamer. I enjoyed your post and look forward to seeing your video game gifts. :-)

  4. Ha fun...I dont have any computer/games geeks in my family :)

  5. Husband still has hs Atari console and games, so you can o,ay old school Pacman here ifyou ever getthe urge!!


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