Friday, 3 June 2016

Cobaea Scandens

Beautiful Flowers

Last year I discovered The Cobaea Scandens plant. These images will show you just what a delightful plant it is - it reminds me of all those lovely 'flower fairy' paintings. I saw it in full flower at Petersham Nurseries but was unable to find a plant anywhere. I sent for some seeds online from Chiltern Seeds, and gave some to two friends. Their seeds grew and flowered beautifully but mine did not. I planted it in the conservatory and it grew about eight feet tall but sadly no flowers at all. Their plants grew outside and totally outshone the original that I saw the year before and were covered in stunning blue flowers.

I told this story to my lovely grand-daughter and she found the plant online and painted me a beautiful painting for my birthday of this delightful plant. It is a stunning likeness and I so love it. Isn't she clever?

Cobaea Scandens by Poppy

This year my lovely friend, (thanks H), bought me some plugs from Sarah Raven. Today I am going to plant them in the garden by the pergola and hope for some beautiful flowers very soon. They are white, (the original was blue), and I am so looking forward to them.

Planted in sunny spot near base of the pergola

A better view

An even better view!

I shall keep you, (boringly), updated as to their progress!


  1. What a beautiful painting, so thoughtful too.
    I have always lovely the flower fairy pictures too, I have a little book when I was little and would look at it for hours.

  2. Oh gosh - what a talented granddaughter!


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