Thursday, 7 October 2010

Pillow Cases

Pretty Pillowcases

I also found time this week to make some pretty pillow cases from left over fabrics that I so wanted to use in a way that I should get to see lots of it!  Some lovely Laura Gunn, Robert Kauffman and Sevenberry Japan, edged with Lecien spots and ribbons, all that I have used in the past for gifts and swaps and now some all for me!

Lovely Colours
Colours To Cheer Any Bed
I did a pillow case swap earlier in the year and so enjoyed it ... it is a very easy way to make a colourful item and the range of fabrics out there makes it so easy to choose something interesting. I should love to take part in another - anybody offering to organize one??

NOTE: Do always make pillowcases in matching pairs but no room on my tiny line to show the others!


  1. These are truly brilliant. I love them all! The cuffs look really fun too - you busy lady!

  2. They're lovely, really cheerful, and what a good way of using up stash fabric so that you have an excuse to go out and buy some more to fill up the gaps!

  3. So, so love these! hope you are having a lovely week. Its sunny and warm down here. Been busy making costumes for Abie and his kindy class - masked parade through town tomorrow! KP

  4. they are lovely - what a great idea. so who is going to organise...


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